From: Bon Aqua, TN 
Singer Songwriter, Americana, Alt.Country 


Lyman Ellerman & Company is: 

Lyman Ellerman and whoever is along at the time including, but not limited to: 
Co Producer: Jason Morgan

Lyman is an American singer/songwriter  performing Americana / Country originals. 

Upon arriving in Nashville in 2003, he scored  his first major publishing deal in 2005, followed by his 2nd co-pub deal in 2007. He has countless independent cuts in the U.S. and Canada. After leaving his last publishing gig, he began to concentrate on writing more for his own artistry. He released his 1st "solo" record in 2011 entitled "Get Loose", and then "Something Better" in 2015, and now he is soon to release the new "I Wish I was A Train" collection, which includes a powerful new single about heroin and opiate addiction titled simply "The Addict". Currently being played by over 60 radio stations, his song is gaining momentum on a daily basis. Complete album slated for release late September / early October, 2017.

Lyman has shared stages across the country with hit songwriters like Buddy Brock (Watermelon Crawl, Ain't Nothing Wrong With the Radio), Will Nance (She's Everything), Arlos Smith (I Miss Mayberry), and before his passing Lyman shared stage along with his band with George McCorkle, founding member of The Marshall Tucker Band, who single handedly penned one of their biggest hits, Fire On The Mountain.

Lyman is a well rounded seasoned songwriter with a unique ability to put words to melody in a way that doesn't sound like everyone else. From serious topics to lighthearded shuffles, he covers a wide variety in his suitcase of songs.

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PRESS: (Review in Holiday Issue): December 2015 (pg 49) 
Lyman Ellerman has a hot new record out called SOMETHING BETTER, and it truly lives up to its name. Ellerman is a born songwriter, and what's so cool about him is that he refuses to be boxed into a category. His songs run the gamut from Americana to country to some Southern rock influences. Great lyrics are coupled with sing-along melodies to create one of the finest indie albums of the year. "Heaven Knows" is like Tom Petty meets The Byrds with a country infusion. Seriously, every song is a treat. "Rivertown" has a distinct Drive By Truckers feel, which I also love. The title track, "Something Better", is reminiscent of Grayson Capps. That type of brilliant story song. Ten tracks that will make you long for ten more. Truly a special album. 

Larry Fleury: I can tell the difference between a song that's contrived, and one that's inspired. Those magical tunes that just kinda fall into a wordsmiths mind. That song, is one of those. Excellent. 

Terry Biggers: I love this tune my man!!! Can't wait to hear what else you have and what else will come! Song writers like you are FEW and far between! 

Wiz Thompson: Sent a chill down my spine. 

In 2015 Lyman's song "Drink Your Wine" was included in the indie film "Last Call At Murrays" with heavy usage, which will begin hitting all of the Independent Film Festivals in the spring of 2016. 

Lyman's song "In Spite Of My Fears" was 3rd place in 2014 "The Frank Brown International Songwriter Festival" 

The music Lyman writes is down to earth, real life situations about everything from love, life, loss, redemption, and self inspection. 
An original storyteller: Ray Von radio personality WQNA Springfield, Il


Current steady airplay at over 60 radio stations in the US and abroad.

Lyman has shared the stage with many hit songwriters in Nashville such as; 
Buddy Brock, Wil Nance, Kevin Denney, Michael Huffman, Arlos Smith 
and also members of The Marshall Tucker Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many others.


A Little Something From Lyman :
So, it's like this. A song is one of the most powerful things I've ever known.

It's right up there with love and well...., LOVE!

It's a time machine, a healer, and a heartbreaker. Nothing like a song

can stimulate my memory and senses more. Songwriting is not something I had a choice in.

I had to do it in order for my life to progress. It's was my ladder out of a hole.

It's still the keyhole into my imagination. The longer I write the more I realize

I'm not in charge of the process. Whatever I absorbed through the years,

got caught up, or clogged up perhaps, inside my head and heart.

But along the way I also learned what the difference was between songs

that can transfer power and emotion to the hearer. Great songwriters like Guy Clark,

Billy Joe Shaver, Townes VanZant, Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson,

Hank Williams, Johhny Cash, and a large list of others and a countless

pile of newcomers that continually to trap me in their web as well.

A special hat's off to them for breaking free from the mold of contemporary

radio and the great dragon known as "the music industry".



Started playing guitar at 15.

First guitar came from K-Mart. Cost $14.88

Mom taught me 3 or 4 chords.

Forgot about baseball, basketball, or anything else but the guitar.

Played for hours every day. Once till my fingers...., one I think, actually bled.

I just couldn't put it down. Had the bug I guess!

Wrote my first song at 18. Still have tapes of my band doing it live.


I grew up listening to whatever my mother felt like having on the radio.

A lot of country and early pop.

In the car we would always sing along to the radio. Wow, there's some memories.

I could never get songs out of my head. Ever. They just wouldn't go away.

Still crazy after all these years. Ha! See!


Played in numerous bands in and around the midwest. Mostly classic rock ala'

Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Marshal Tucker, Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Pure Prairie League.

But I always had to toss in some Johnny Cash, Hank Sr. and Jr.,

or some Waylon and Willie.

Their stories were just too awesome to not be included.


I tried leaving the music alone for a period of time to raise a family.

That didn't work too well. In fact my son continues to expose me to new and exciting

music I would otherwise probably never get to hear.

But only because I was constantly strumming a guitar or writing some other song I couldn't

get out of my head and he couldn't escape the influence. Even though I'd dropped out of the biz, so to speak,

the music hadn't dropped out of me.


Fast forward a few years to 2000.

I'd compiled a few "decent" songs in my catalog and met

with producer Harold Cowart, long time bassist for the Bee Gee's, and session

leader for the Capricorn record label's rhythm section, "The Cold Grits".

Cowart agreed to produce record.

So with that record we toured south Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois.

However for my tastes, the record seemed to be a little too "slick".

Recorded a second record in 2002 with same band but self-produced.

Had a more live raw sound and songs began to gravitate away from

the contemporary side.


In the midst of these events I had been travelling back and forth from Nashville

and even stopping in from out on the road. I was shopping the band, however I ended

with a publishing contract as a writer. Two in fact.

I've seen the "machine" from the outside and from the inside.

I've observed the "prefabricated shmooze" that tends to dominate the radio

charts today. I'm just looking to make music that's real and down to earth.


I have demoed more songs than I can remember. Had several independent

cuts, and recorded three more records since 2003.

I've been fortunate enough to share the stage with some legendary

artists and songwriters. One of my personal highlights was becoming close friends

with George McCorkle, founding member of The Marshal Tucker Band, who single-handedly

wrote their chart-topper "Fire On The Mountain". George had joined me on stage with my band

on occasion to do a short set and play some of his favorites and consequently mine

as well. Unfortunately, we lost George a few years back to cancer. But his memory lives on

through his music. Real music.


I currently do not have a publishing deal and am not concerned with

having one. I like having creative freedom. It helps me stay more connected

to myself and hopefully to the folks out there I like to refer to as common.

The songs and music that I cherish most will hardly be found on today's

mainstream radio. My goal is to create music that has depth and meaning and will

reach the listeners heart.

I hope you'll take the time to listen to some of my music and if you enjoy it

I hope you'll tell your friends about me. In case you don't if you'll let me know, I'll be glad

to write another song and give you another shot!

I'm getting back to live performing because it's an absolute neccessity for me to

have a channel to interact with my fans both old and new. I believe that's what music is for.

To bring people together. I hope to see you all out on the road somewhere soon.


In closing I'd like to say I hope that one day some youngster may get to sing

along to my music and he or she won't be able to get it out of their head. Maybe they'll

beg their mother or dad to take them down to the local five & dime and get their first guitar

and they'll be on their way to finding the joy music and songs and words bring to the heart

               and soul of the hearer.