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"The Addict"

“The Addict” 

Lyman Ellerman’s immense talent and sensitivity shine yet again in this moving ballad that not only touches the soul, but comes from the heart. Lyman’s signature clever, yet affecting words are particularly poignant, as he struggles to understand and express the addict’s point of view. The song is universal and timely – with addictions reaching epidemic proportion , spanning all ages, genders, races, cultures and social economic classes. Yet anyone who has ever felt lost in life, for any reason, can identify . Lyman’s lyrics and melody move the listener to begin to understand the torment and hopelessness that so many experience. As Lyman so astutely lays to bare, “I don’t know if I’m still fighting, or hiding, or dying anymore.” 

Sandra L. Stokes      Independent Producer

Owner   – OZ, The Production Company


In “The Addict,” Lyman Ellerman reaches deep to give a voice to those who experience the despair caused by drug addiction. The song’s stirring lyrics provide a voyeuristic look into the mind of an addict who doesn’t know if he’s   “fighting or hiding or dying anymore.”   Occasionally, a song comes along that eloquently mirrors real life, providing much-needed insight that leads to understanding.    “The Addict” is that song .— 

Susan Mustafa, 

New York Times bestselling true crime author


                 "It has been an inspiration to see our hometown bard evolve to this point...give a seroius listen to "The Addict".                
       John Spalding      Music Director/Morning Show 
     WFMB    Springfield, Illinois


    The Addict 
Lyman Ellerman is an amazing singer/songwriter, and his music is always top drawer, but this time he has outdone himself. This beautiful, melodic track holds quite a lot of importance within its lyrics. The song is written from the point of the drug (or alcohol, or any other abuse situation) addict. Ellerman gets inside the mind of the addict, and all of the fears and cries for help that they feel all of the time. It’s all set to a pretty melody that walks the line between country and Americana, but could easily be a chart hit in either genre, and deserves to be. We need more songs like this in our day and age, songs that allow us to stop and think about what another person is going through, perhaps shining the light on the suffering instead of on ourselves. It’s a very important message, wrapped up in an absolutely beautiful package. Open it up. Open your heart.

-Michael Buffalo Smith. KUDZOO Magazine.



“The Addict” is not an easy song to listen to without eliciting an emotional response. It’s not the feel-good song of the summer, and you probably won’t find yourself wanting to dance to it. It is a song about addiction, written from the from the addict’s perspective, that seeks only to remind us that addicts are human beings. They are people. They are our loved ones, our children, our mothers and fathers. They are more than their addiction. 

Heroin and opiate addiction has reached epidemic proportions in the US, and the world in general. The problem is so big, the numbers are so staggering, that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that those who suffer from addiction are still human beings. “The Addict” attempts to make addiction personal, by putting a face on it.  

“Addiction is one of the great tragedies of our time. We hope our song will raise a few eyebrows, and increase awareness of this devastating and destructive disease”.

– Lyman Ellerman

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